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The largest video tutorial library in Israel offers a huge collection of filmed lessons, self-study videos, and online sessions. It is mainly for pupils, as well as parents and teachers. 

The website aims to enhance students' home study experience by providing resources and tools for better learning. 
My challenge was to redesign the website, including adding new relevant features and adopting a more engaging, youthful, and attractive interface to make the study experience more enjoyable and effective.


Redesign of Ynet's online study site, which is the most popular in Israel.


Through the advanced technology platform, the Yschool project makes accessible a library of thousands of videos, in the field of middle and high school students study material.

In addition, the site offers many study tools such as online lessons, homework assistance, exams preparation, completion of study material and more.

Meet Yschool

The video was created by the "Yschool" team and posted on the "Yschool" official Facebook page.

Welcome to Yschool

The homepage immediately led pupils access to relevant videos and a variety of study material.

In addition, it enables to see the next online lessons. 


Let׳s study!

The videos are short and focus on a specific subject. The navigation between thousands of videos is simple and allows the pupils to immediately access the relevant video by using filters.

By playing the video, additional information chosen by the teacher will be displayed.


Online lessons

The pupils can receive online private lessons, in real-time. They can view the upcoming lessons, choosing the subject and optimal day and time.


Personal Dashboard

When the pupil logs into the site, among multiple useful tools, he can see a personal dashboard where he can add specific subjects and sub-topics that are relevant for him.

Personal profile


The pupil can see all the subjects to his dashboard, can view his progress, edit his personal deails, upgrade his license and more...

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