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Via for School


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"Via" provides innovative transportation solutions for shared travel. One of Via's leading projects is managing and controlling the school buses in New York City, using the "Via for School" app.


The app allows parents to track in real-time the travel times of the bus that picks up their children for school or back home.

The app contributes to the sense of security and peace of mind of the parents whose children use the service.

Any time a student hops onboard their school bus, they’ll check in using their bus pass. This information is instantly synced with the app, allowing parents to see in real-time when and where their child is and when they’ve reached their destination.


The user experience and design are based on the values of simplicity, confidence, and transparency.

The app is designed in a clear language, so it could be easy to navigate in and understand the information it provides.

User Journey of a student

for a deep understanding of the user experience, we explore the student's journey in the physical world. what is actually happening today in his scenario?


Welcome to Via for School

The use of the app is open just for schools who did the deal with "Via".

Only after a quick sign-in with a phone number is the parent able to sync his data and start using the app.


Track screen

Only a quick look requires the parent to see where each child is, or what the status of the bus is, without the need of a deeper dive.

Statuses colors:

Map view

Tapping on the student's card will open a map screen with additional details. 

The parent can see in real-time the route of the bus, the name of the driver, and the estimated time of arrival.

The design was made to balance between the detailed and visualized information, without a need to toggle between multiple screens.



The bus is on its way

Route completed

No activity


If something happened to the student's Bus Pass (it was stolen, lost or destroyed) there is a quick and easy option to create a new Bus Pass and print it through the app.


Bus Pass

Support and Help Center

The target audience are parents, who seek to increase their confidence and sense of security. They need to know in real-time what is their child's location. That led us to emphasize multiple ways to increase the parents' confidence, and the "help center" issue in particular, which can be accessed immediately from the navigation bar.


The inbox screen groups all the notifications and other important notices, which are very important as it is the immediate connection between the system and the parent.

Due to the parents' need to stay up-to-date with every minor change, the service informs on various information types, such as last-minute route changes, driver replacements, weather impacts, and of course regular system updates.


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