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LocalizeHQ is a real-estate CRM, that is mainly operated by Localize's advisors, as well as used by the agents.

The CRM allows the advisors to operate the "Hunter" service.

This project's scope includes redesigning the CRM main screens and overall user experience improvements, such as:

✔️ Overall UI redesign - the redesign impacted the entire system and included changing the font, colors, grid, and buttons (design and behavior), and unifying the surface. Gradually, we also added additional major components.

In addition, we have reinvented the main screens' user experience: the Buyers Profile screen, the Pipeline screen, and the Tasks screen.

✔️ Renew the "Add new leads" flow, for improving the agents engagement and encouraging them to add their leads.

✔️ New intelligent feature that offers the advisors relevant templates, according to the buyers' status.

✔️ New Emails feature, allowing the agents, advisors, and buyers to easily communicate with each other.

✔️ Rephrasing the system's copywriting, for using a unified voice of tone.


Work in progress 

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